The Country of Endless Blue Skies

Mongolia; known for its vast rugged expanses, nomadic culture and a rich history dating back thousands of years, is an exotic destination which should not be missed if Adventure sits deep in your heart. From the bustling capital of Ulaanbaatar, riding across the stunning steppe, admiring the Eagle Hunters with their predators in the far west or living with the Reindeer herders by the edge of the expansive Siberian forest, Mongolia is guaranteed to amaze.

Adventure Calls has travelled this magical region extensively and has partnered up with the best guides in the country to ensure your experience will be everything you could dream of. We can combine a variety of different tours to customize the perfect itinerary just for you.

For a sneak peek of what can be expected, we invite you to watch our documentary from a trip through the country.

Real Adventure awaits you in Mongolia


The spectacular modern capital of Ulaanbaatar will be the starting point of your Mongolian Adventures. With temples scattered across old communist area buildings, modern skyscrapers and a seemingly endless amounts of karaoke bars, Ulaanbaatar is like nowhere else in the world. You can explore the fantastic outdoor markets, sample the nightlife and cuisine while preparing for the journey ahead.

Golden Eagle Festival

The Golden Eagle Festival takes places once a year in the first weekend of October just prior to the main hunting season. It is set in the heart of the Bayan Olgii province at the edge of the beautiful Altai mountain range. More than 100 hunters gather to compete in a variety of events to claim the coveted prizes and recognition and to show off their hunting skills with their magnificent birds of prey.

Tsaatan Reindeer Herders

The Tsaatan tribe has been living in this remote area of Mongolia for thousands of years and a visit to their camp is like a journey back in time. Learn about their daily lives as you live closely along the tribe families.

The Great Gobi Desert

The massive expanses of the Gobi Desert covers more than half a million square miles. The Gobi stretches across large parts of both Mongolia and Northern China. Travel deep into the Gobi and stay in luxury Ger camps. Tours include horseback riding, trekking and camel treks onto the massive sand dunes.

Riding Adventures

In the spirit of Chinggis Khan and his legendary mounted warriors, we invite you to experience Mongolia in the best way possible. Traverse the great step on horseback and visit some of the historic areas most important to the Mongol Empire.

Khustai National Park

Khustai National Park is a stunning nature reserve located just a few hours drive from the capital. You can experience the only remaining true wild horse, the Takhi and visit with nomadic families living among some of the most scenic landscapes in the world.


If you really want to experience the daily lives of the nomads of Mongolia then a homestay is a must. You will live alongside a local family for a few days and will have opportunities to go hunting, learn about their local cooking specialties and much more.