Into the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

Amy HDR“You are going where? Lesotho? Where is that?”

“Lesotho is a tiny country completely landlocked by South Africa.”

“Well what’s there? “

“It’s called The Kingdom in the Sky, so I expect to see spectacular mountain scenery. Also the main reason I want to go there is that they have a thriving traditional culture that still uses horses for everyday purposes something that is completely unique to southern Africa.”

MF5A1405I started researching Lesotho years ago and found that very little information was available on this mysterious country. The more time I spent on fruitless research the more I yearned to go see for myself. I let myself be seduced by the image in my head of majestic mountains, deep lush valleys and traditional riders galloping across high mountain plateaus. I was ready to book my ticket and boy was I in for a treat. I would soon learn that Lesotho would exceed my every expectation.

Lesotho is a tiny country that recently earned its independence from the United Kingdom in 1966. The country has a population of just around 2 million people spread over 12,000 miles of mountainous terrain that is Lesotho. Being one of the poorest countries in Africa, 40% of the people earn less than $1.5 per day. Lesotho is truly a mountain state and the entire country lies above 3,281 feet.

Amy_on_carAfter a truly exhausting long flight from the US, I picked up my rental car, which was totally setup for some heavy duty four wheel driving and backcountry camping which would prove to be an absolute necessity for the upcoming weeks. The drive to the Lesotho border from Johannesburg took around 6 hours. The border crossing took no time at all and before long my adventure had begun!

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