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01 Feb 2017

A Journey Through Mongolia

In 2016 we travelled for a month through the great expanses of Mongolia. We hope you will enjoy this travel video and look forward to sharing more adventures.

20 Nov 2016

End of the Road

If you missed the first part of our trip to visit the Tsaatan you can find it here https://adventurecalls.us/a-journey-of-a-lifetime/ As we approach the Tsaatan camp after a long and strenuous journey, we are elated to have finally reached our destination. Curious and shy stares from the children soon turn into big smiles as they welcome us. We would spend the next couple of days living alongside the Tsaatan reindeer-herding families and get a better understanding of their life and daily activities. […]

03 Nov 2016

A Journey of a Lifetime

“If I never ride a horse again I will be a happy man,” Martin uttered in exhaustion. To be fair Martin was coming off a three-day horse trek to reach a remote Tsaatan tribal village close to the Russian border, as far north as you can get in Mongolia. It was no leisurely trek as we were expecting, but multiple days of full on trotting and galloping that would last well past dusk. I have been riding since I was […]

17 Oct 2016

A Nation on the Move

You are slowly waking up on your sheepskin mattress, watching your misty breath in the bitter morning cold as you realize that the fire has been out for hours. The wind is roaring outside while you gather courage and motivation to get out from under the covers, light the stove, and bring some warmth back to the hearth. It has been increasingly difficult for the herds to find food in the pastures they have grazed on for the past few […]

09 Oct 2016

A Big Steppe in the Right Direction

I was first mesmerized by Mongolia because of its legendary horse culture. With visions of Chinggis Khan and his mounted warriors galloping across the Mongolian Steppe, I have always been attracted to this time in history. How could one man conquer so much of the world? And how incredible that his greatest weapon was the horse. Much has changed since Chinggis’s era, but the horse’s presence has stood the test of time. It has been debated for years whether the […]

07 Oct 2016

A Sprawling City of Contrasts

With the characteristic sound of the plane’s tires hitting the runway, it finally really dawned on us: we had reached Chinggis Khaan International Airport, and a month of adventures in Mongolia had begun. This journey through Mongolia had been years in the works. There were logistics and funding issues to sort out before we could make it happen, not to mention finding the time to leave our daily lives for the considerable duration needed to explore this vast destination. Unknown […]

14 May 2014

It has been an adventure!

A month travelling around northern and central India has come to an end; and brought with it a lifetime of memories. What an adventure it has been! Unknowing of what to was to come, we left the U.S. with open minds and a somewhat vague itinerary. Through the years we have always found that trusting our gut feelings, being impulsive, and letting the adventure lead the way normally works out in our favor. Arriving in India was mind-blowing; a seemingly endless […]

09 May 2014

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

With only a few days of our trip left, it was hard to not feel greedy for more time. A feeling of sadness came over me that next week we would back to the “real world”. With our departure date drawing nearer, we decided to give those elusive cats one last chance. The unlucky break of our first few safaris in Bandhavgar must have been a fluke. We were headed for Ranthambore National Park! As you enter the park, the cliffs […]

07 May 2014

In the Footsteps of Indiana Jones…Well, Sort of…

I am bursting with excitement and dream of exotic adventures and Indian palaces in places far, far away. It’s 1984 and at just nine years old, watching “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom” is one of many experiences that would shape my adult life to come. As my eyes struggle to stay open, I fall into a deep sleep full of Maharajas, princesses and evil cultists. When I grow up I want to be just like “Indy”. Fast forward […]

04 May 2014

Bandits & crocodiles in the way beyond

After at least half of explaining the location of Chambal Sanctuary, we found a taxi driver somewhat confident that he knew where we wanted to go. The next morning the incessant beep of the alarm awoke us at 4:00 am. The taxi driver said it would take a couple of hours to reach Chambal. It seemed as soon as we left Agra that the roads got progressively worse, almost slowing our ride down to a crawl, pressing on to reach […]