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13 Apr 2016

Saved by South Africans

As the sun reached the horizon I had to realize that the inevitable sunset had arrived and I was lost. I had been driving all day enjoying spectacular vistas in the mountains of southern Lesotho and my goal for the day was a campground shown on the map at the very edge of the border overlooking South Africa; however the campground was yet to be found. The majority of the roads I had driven the last few hours neither showed […]

11 Apr 2016

Secrets of the Basotho Pony

Horses have been in my blood as long as I can remember. I started riding as a little girl after begging and pleading with my parents to let me take lessons. With some reluctance from my parents (playing basketball or soccer would certainly have been a lot cheaper) I took my first riding lesson around 5ish and have not looked back since. People say you are horse crazy and if you don’t ride you don’t even know the half of […]

10 Apr 2016

A nice small drop in a big ocean

While slowly navigating some of the treacherous steep dirt roads it became abundantly clear to me that Lesotho truly cares about educating its children. The poverty of Lesotho is impossible to miss and most people, especially in the countryside, live very basic with little to no money at hand. However as you see the proud smiling children in their well cared for school uniforms heading for school it’s easy to forget this fact. It’s a funny thing, street signs when […]

09 Apr 2016

Into the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

“You are going where? Lesotho? Where is that?” “Lesotho is a tiny country completely landlocked by South Africa.” “Well what’s there? “ “It’s called The Kingdom in the Sky, so I expect to see spectacular mountain scenery. Also the main reason I want to go there is that they have a thriving traditional culture that still uses horses for everyday purposes something that is completely unique to southern Africa.” I started researching Lesotho years ago and found that very little […]

26 Dec 2014

“FLASHBACK” – Remembering the mists

I am an animal enthusiast and base most of my travels around what wildlife I may see. I was well read on what to expect on this adventure, but nothing could have prepared me for the wildlife encounter that was about to come. Wildlife viewing, especially photography, is so unpredictable. You hope and pray that you will get that “once in a lifetime “ experience and so often it is not what was expected. It’s been almost 6 years since […]