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21 Apr 2014


With every twist and turn, honk and jolt my stomach twisted in knots until finally I made my breakfast offerings to the mountain gods. After a fifteen minute break with some fresh mountain air and a PepPod to restore my energy, we were off again. As we whisked past every domestic animal known to man, our presence was barely noticed. One beep is usually enough to send a dog, cat, pig, goat and of course the whole cow sauntering off […]

19 Apr 2014

A Visit to the Largest Organic Farm in Asia

Hathikuli is the biggest employer in the Kaziranga area and as we soon found out, the largest organic farm in all of Asia. The management of this massive tea operation taught us a lot about tea and what an operation of this size means to both the local community and the environment surrounding it. The plantation covers 470 hectares and employs more than 3,000 workers, the majority of whom are working as tea pickers, which they have done for generations […]

18 Apr 2014

Kaziranga, a True Garden of Eden

Nestled between the Brahmaputra River and the Himalayas, this slice of heaven is one of the two last remaining strongholds of the Indian Rhino. With less than 3000 Rhinos left in the world, this is truly a place worth all of the efforts that are going into saving this haven.  Kaziranga was made a World Heritage site in 1985 but remains mostly under the radar from typical tourists.  The lack of infrastructure and tourist development makes getting here a bit […]

14 Apr 2014

Sanctuary Asia, Kids for Tigers and an amazing dinner with new Friends!

We had been introduced to Bittu and his lovely wife Madhu Saghal, who have been on the forefront of Indian wildlife and nature conservation since the early 70’s. Let me start by saying that describing this amazing couple in a simple blog post is somewhat of an impossible task. We pulled out the crinkled piece of paper where we had scribbled down the directions.  Something along the lines of, go to this church, turn right after the large wall with flowers and then a […]

14 Apr 2014

Welcome to Bombay

It has been four long years since I traveled abroad. The dirty crowded streets, with people and cars crisscrossing each other’s paths was not as overwhelming as expected, but rather I felt a sense of calmness -almost as if I had returned home. With a deep inhale you could smell a blend of the various scents that come with a crazy city like Mumbai. More than 16 million people live in what used to be Bombay. The smells range from […]

09 Apr 2014

A Little Hardship Never Hurt Anyone Right?

So it would seem everything was not quite under control after all. We got a couple of weeks delay due to our Visas. For some reason the Indian consulate in the US has a hard time with European passports. Oh well, Visas are here, tickets are booked and we will land in Mumbai in a couple of days! Very excited for what is to come. We hope you will follow our quest during the upcoming month!

13 Mar 2014

Preparing for Adventure

The clock is ticking and we are hustling to get everything ready for the trip. Vaccines and Visas are now under control, and we are making sure that all of our equipment is in working order and that we have everything we need for a successful adventure! India here we come!