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09 Apr 2016

Into the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

“You are going where? Lesotho? Where is that?” “Lesotho is a tiny country completely landlocked by South Africa.” “Well what’s there? “ “It’s called The Kingdom in the Sky, so I expect to see spectacular mountain scenery. Also the main reason I want to go there is that they have a thriving traditional culture that still uses horses for everyday purposes something that is completely unique to southern Africa.” I started researching Lesotho years ago and found that very little […]

22 Feb 2016

Iceland on a budget

Iceland “The Land of Fire and Ice” is quickly becoming Europe’s worst kept travel secret! After their devastating economic crash in 2008, Iceland put large amounts of funding into promoting Iceland as an outdoor adventure paradise. Incredible raw nature and awe-inspiring landscapes guaranteed that once the word was out it did not take much to get people talking. A simple image search of Iceland will instantly have you champing at the bit to buy your plane ticket and visit this […]

26 Dec 2014

“FLASHBACK” – Remembering the mists

I am an animal enthusiast and base most of my travels around what wildlife I may see. I was well read on what to expect on this adventure, but nothing could have prepared me for the wildlife encounter that was about to come. Wildlife viewing, especially photography, is so unpredictable. You hope and pray that you will get that “once in a lifetime “ experience and so often it is not what was expected. It’s been almost 6 years since […]

14 May 2014

It has been an adventure!

A month travelling around northern and central India has come to an end; and brought with it a lifetime of memories. What an adventure it has been! Unknowing of what to was to come, we left the U.S. with open minds and a somewhat vague itinerary. Through the years we have always found that trusting our gut feelings, being impulsive, and letting the adventure lead the way normally works out in our favor. Arriving in India was mind-blowing; a seemingly endless […]

09 May 2014

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

With only a few days of our trip left, it was hard to not feel greedy for more time. A feeling of sadness came over me that next week we would back to the “real world”. With our departure date drawing nearer, we decided to give those elusive cats one last chance. The unlucky break of our first few safaris in Bandhavgar must have been a fluke. We were headed for Ranthambore National Park! As you enter the park, the cliffs […]

07 May 2014

In the Footsteps of Indiana Jones…Well, Sort of…

I am bursting with excitement and dream of exotic adventures and Indian palaces in places far, far away. It’s 1984 and at just nine years old, watching “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom” is one of many experiences that would shape my adult life to come. As my eyes struggle to stay open, I fall into a deep sleep full of Maharajas, princesses and evil cultists. When I grow up I want to be just like “Indy”. Fast forward […]

04 May 2014

Bandits & crocodiles in the way beyond

After at least half of explaining the location of Chambal Sanctuary, we found a taxi driver somewhat confident that he knew where we wanted to go. The next morning the incessant beep of the alarm awoke us at 4:00 am. The taxi driver said it would take a couple of hours to reach Chambal. It seemed as soon as we left Agra that the roads got progressively worse, almost slowing our ride down to a crawl, pressing on to reach […]

01 May 2014

A White Palace in Peril

As the sun starts its descent on the horizon, the young boy scrambles to launch his kite a few more times before it becomes too dark. It’s his favorite toy, and every chance he gets he is on the roof testing his new creations. His parents are struggling and he built all of his own toys. He imagines what the life of the Maharaja must have felt like, and if the emperor’s children also built kites as he diverts his […]

29 Apr 2014

In the Presence of the Elusive Tiger

The unmistakable noise from the alarm call of the barking deer breaks the silence, and we become even more alert. You will most likely be warned of the tiger’s presence before you actually see it. The forest works together to warn all creatures and all creatures listen. I can feel my heart beating, the adrenaline pumping, there it was, the alarm call once more. The jungle is silent, holding its breath, you can feel the tiger is close, there is […]

24 Apr 2014

Holy Filth!

If you take the time to look around the old city, even while dodging the piles of excrement, Varanasi is quite the magical place. We wandered around the tiny streets and alleyways and arrived at 8 o’clock in the city, the sweat was still dripping down our face. “Not much further Sir, not much further”, our Tuk Tuk driver kept promising. With every bend in the narrow streets, our senses were overwhelmed with the scent of spices, fruit, rosewater and street […]